Fourth Annual Cosmos Research Center Star Party at Anza – July 9th, 2011

We will be holding our 4th annual star party at the Orange County Astronomers Club Observatory and the Mighty Kuhn 22″ Telescope in Anza on July 9.  The party is open to OCA members and their families and guests.  We’ll start with a BBQ, then have a science symposium to hear some presentations by young scientists, then have a wonderful evening star-gazing.  The moon will be high in the sky, so we’ll be studying the moon in depth, looking for craters and things on the surface of the moon at great detail.  Bring your camera and become an astrophotographer!  You can use anything from a cell phone camera to a high end digital single lens reflex.  (We will have an adapter for Canon DSLRs, if you have one).  We’ll also see Saturn, and some nebula at the center of the Milky Way.

We are asking for a $5/per person donation to support the club observatory.  Camping is available in the RV area near the Anza House, or arrangements may be available at the Anza House ($5 per person for the night)

Please make a reservation here


Here are some images from previous star parties…