Cosmos Research Center is MoonKam Participant!

I’m pleased to announce that the Galactic Headquarters of the Cosmos Research Center, which happens to be in my back yard, has been selected as MoonKam participant which means that we will be able to take pictures from the NASA GRAIL satellites now orbiting the moon.  Beginning in March, 2012, we will be able to logon to send instructions to the satellites orbiting the moon, telling them when and where to snap a photo.  They will send them back to earth, we will download them to our computer, and we will have our very own photos of the moon – perhaps from the far side of the moon that is never visible from earth.


I think the most artistic shots will be of the terminator – what would be sunset or sunrise on the moon, as the sun grazes the craters and rocky parts of the moon.  This would make the shadows more dramatic.

Stay tuned… hopefully, we’ll have our first photos in March!