Third Annual Science Party July 11, 2009

We’ll be holding the third annual Cosmos Research Center Science Party at our Galactic Headquarters.  The party is open to kids of all ages, as well as their parents or grandparents.
PapaTom and Scientists at June 2007 Star Party

We’ll have a swim party, talk about our experiment on the “Science of Happiness” from last April’s San Diego Science Festival, and have a special presentation from the Nature Man, and will be doing some brainstorming for activities for next year’s San Diego Science Festival.


3:00, We’ll have a pre-party meeting of folks interested in next year’s festival activities around the general theme of getting kids better connected to nature.  We’ll be brainstorming ways of combining nature with research projects that can engage kids from all around the county.

4:00 -5:30 Swim party;  touring science stations.

5:30 – Nature Man presentation – how to become a “Neighborhood Naturalist” and presentation of results from April’s “Science of Happiness” booth at the festival

6:30 – Pot Luck BBQ.  Each family should bring a dish to share as well as what they want to BBQ.  We’ll supply utensils and drinks.

8:30 – Star Gazing… we’ll crank up our 8″ telescope at the observatory pad.  Saturn and its moons should be spectacular.

Science Stations:  Here are some of the things that kids and their parents can do:

The Time Machine You can try out the official Cosmos Research Center Time Machine.  (It’s not done yet, so its only as good as your imagination.)  To help imagine things, we have leaves from Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood hid out, coins from ancient Greece, a brooch from the Viking era 1000 years ago, a 3000 year old pendant from Persia, other things from the past.

Planet Treasure Hunt. We have a scale model of the Solar System hidden in the back yard.  The sun is the size of a golf ball, near the Cosmos Research Center Laboratory.  There are signs representing each of the planets (and Pluto) scattered around the yard and orchard.  See if you can find them all, and imagine how big the solar system is. Hint: we included Pluto on our list of planets, since it swings and slides around the solar system.

Finding Nemo:  Nemo is the Chief Fish of the Cosmos Research Center, and lives in a pond near the laboratory.

Finding Betelgeuse:  If the Sun were the size of a Golf Ball, then the Red Giant star Betelguese would be about 30 feet across.  See if you can find something in the backyard named Betegeuse.

Looking through the microscope. We will have a microscope set up for looking at pond water.  See lots of squiggly things in the water where Nemo lives.

Look through a Telescope:  The sun will set at 7:58, when we will be able to use our telescope to look at the center of the solar system as well as Saturn.  We’ll be able to see the rings of Saturn as well as some of its moons.

Explore the Laboratory.  We have microscope, a dead Tarantula, a petrified Mastodon tooth, a sample from a meteorite, dinosaur poop, quantum dots, nanowires, 30 year old computers, and lots of interesting rocks and scientific equipment to explore.