Second Annual Anza Star Party Aug 15, 2009

Anza Star Party July 12, 2008 Scientist Abby looking through 22" KuhnWe will be holding our second annual Star Party at the Orange County Astronomers observatory in Anza, Ca on August 15, 2009.  We will be using the Mighty Kuhn, a 22″ telescope housed in its own observatory, complete with computers to control its movement across the sky.

We will meet at 6PM for a picnic dinner, followed at 7:30 by Science Symposium.   Students will be able to give Powerpoint presentations about some topic in astronomy, cosmology, extra solar planets, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

We will also have a discussion “Should the earth be broadcasting to outer space to announce its presence to possible other civilizations?”  We will talk a little about the technology that allows us to do this, as well as the ethics involved: who should decide this question?

Watching the presentations in the observatoryAs darkness falls, we will fire up the computers and telescope to Scientist Max presenting Minor Planetssee the wonders of the clear dark sky…

This party is open to Orange County Astronomers club members and their guests.  Limited accommodations are available at the Anza House trailer. Camping is available.

Contact Tom Munnecke or Kevin Nelson if you’d like to participate or make a presentation.

Here are the photos from the Star Party: